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Instadebit - If you're looking for the easiest and most inexpensive way to get money in and out from online casinos, look no further than Instadebit. They are the indsutry leader in casino deposit and withdrawal methods and they are accepted by a wide range of legal and trustworthy online casinos. They allow you to transfer money directly from your bank account to the online casino of your choice and then they allow you to send your winnings right back to the same bank account. They charge just a nominal fee for depositing from your bank account and charge no fees for transferring between different casinos. Check out our Instadebit Casinos list for the top online casinos that take Instadebit.

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Debit Cards - Even though debit cards are absolutely everywhere, they are actually pretty rarely accepted as an online casino deposit method. That being said, they are one of the best online casino deposit methods becuase they are easy to use, relatively inexpensive to process, and they allow you to directly deposit money from and withdrawal money to your personal bank account. Since there are very few casinos that allow their Canadian customers to use debit cards, we've created a list of the best ones that do. You can view that list on our Debit Card Casinos page.

CasinoBonus TypeBonus AmountReviewBonus Link
Standard New Player Bonus$200Bet365 ReviewVISIT BET365 FOR YOUR BONUS
Slots Only New Player Bonus$400Bet365 ReviewVISIT BET365 FOR YOUR BONUS
VIP New Player Bonus$1,000Bet365 ReviewVISIT BET365 FOR YOUR BONUS
New Player Bonus$500 Maple Casino ReviewVISIT MAPLE CASINO FOR YOUR BONUS
New Player Bonus$1,400 Casino Mate ReviewVISIT CASINO-MATE FOR YOUR BONUS

Canadian Casino Bonuses

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Living in Canada is a good break all around, but it's especially beneficial when it comes to online casino bonuses. Over the past couple of decades that online gambling has been around, Canadians have been trustful patrons. Online casinos have found that Canadians try to cheat and abuse bonuses less often than citizens of other nations and they are thus offered more lucrative bonus offers all around. Canadian clearance requirements for bonuses is even sometimes lower than it is for gamblers in other countries!

With that being said, there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of different Canadian casino bonuses out there online and trying to find the best one on your own can be a time consuming process. We all just want to play don't we? So, that's exactly what Casino Bonus Hound is here to help you do. We do the research on the Canadian casino bonuses and the casinos that offer them and list the information for you in one convenient location. We rank all of our bonus offers on the front page using a number of factors like bonus size, clearance requirements, games available, and others, so do not fret when you see smaller bonuses above bigger ones. Just because a bonus is bogger, doesn't mean it's better. There are offers out there so enormous that only a select few individuals (with bigger than life bankrolls) could actually complete the requirements neccesary to get all of the bonus funds.

If you don't particularly like any of the bonus offers you see on the front page here, we suggest you check out our Canadian Casino Bonuses List. There you will find a full listing of the bonuses that are featured on our website and you will also get a little bit of information about each one. From there you can link over to a full review and step-by-step bonus guide or simply go straight to the casino site of your choice.

Canadian Casino Banking Methods

Sending money back and forth between online casinos started out being fairly cumbersome, then the boom came in the mid-2000's and it became incredibly easy. Then the regulators came along in 2007 and it become difficult again. Right now there really isn't any difficulty making online casino deposit and withdrawals from Canada as long as you know the best methods to use. That's something that we really focus on at Casino Bonus Hound. There's no use knowing about all of these Canadian casino bonuses if you can't actually get any of your money to the site and there's no use trying to win a bunch of cash if you can't easily get it back to your personal bank account. We have information and reviews on casino banking methods that utilize credit cards, bank transfers, crypto currencies, and even cash. For a more complete idea of the kind of options you have available to you as a Canadian, we suggest you check out our Best Casino Banking Methods page.

Online Casino Games

This is where playing at an online casino can get really interesting and really fun. When you head to Vegas, there are maybe six different table games running and you're lucky if you get more than one type of blackjack being offered. Online casinos don't suffer from the same personel restrictions and they don't suffer from the same game interest restrictions that live casinos do so even if a game isn't incredibly popular, it can still be offered in the virtual forum. That being said, when you download an online casino, you are typically offered at least 400 different casino games. Those games range from table games like blackjack, roulette, and craps, to slots and progressive jackpot games. Some online casinos offer so much variety in their games that you can play 20 different types of blackjack on just one piece of software.

One thing that we really focus on when it comes to the online casino games are the progressive jackpot games. These are slots for the most part and their jackpots are absolutely enormous. Some of the jackpots get well above $10,000,000 and they are won on a fairly regular basis. And by that we mean they are won two or three times a year. We have a special page on our site that is dedicated to tracking the size of these jackpots. It's our Biggest Progressive Slot Jackpots Online page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Casino Bonuses

Is it legal for Canadians to play at online casinos? - Absolutely! These casinos are located and regulated in locations outside of Canada and they aren't allowed to directly advertise in Canada, which is why you don't see Bet365 billboards and television ads, but if you want to sign up and play, as a Canadian you are free to do so.

Do I get to keep the bonus money from the casinos? - Yes, but there are terms. Bonus money is usually added to your account immediately upon deposit or account registration, but before you can withdraw any of the bonus funds back to your personal bank account, you will need to satisfy some playing requirements. They are different for every bonus and are sometimes referred to as clearance requirements.

Are the casino games fair? - Yes, the software used by each and every casino that we feature on the webiste has been tested by third party regulators to ensure that it pays out percentages appropriate to each game.

How do I choose the best Canadian casino bonuses for me? - If you want to get down to the real nitty and gritty details, you will need to read the full terms and conditions of each bonus, but there are a few quick rules of thumb that you can go by. First of all, go for a bonus that is in line with your deposit amounts. If you see a $5,000 bonus listed on the site, but only plan on depositing $100, you're probably going to be disappointed with your results. Second of all, if you go for a free bonus that doesn't require a deposit, expect to have some fun, but not see a lot of profit. Most of the money you win from those is earned as bonus cash which, in turn, must be cleared.