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The Best Online Casinos that take Debit Cards for Deposits and Withdrawals Debit Card Casinos

Using a debit card is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get money in and out of online casinos. If you happen to have a qualifying debit card, almost all online casinos will process deposits and withdrawals with that debit card free of charge and money will be available in your account immediately following a deposit. The very best thing about using a debit card for these transactions, however, is that you will have no need to bring in a third party online bank (like Instadebit) in order to complete your transactions. With a debit card, money can flow seamlessly between your bank account and your online casino account. Below you will find a list of the online casinos that we recommend that accept debit cards for deposits and withdrawals.

List of Casinos that Accept Debit

Fees for using Debit Cards at Online Casinos

To this day we have yet to come across an online casino that charges a fee for using debit cards for either deposits or withdrawals. They accept these free of charge. Be aware, however, that this does not mean that there will be no charges levied by your debit card company. This is very rare, but sometimes companies charge for use of their own debit cards. Read the terms from your card company to see whether you are vulnerable to any charges.

How Long do Debit Card Deposits and Withdrawals take at Debit Card Casinos?

When you make a deposit at debit card casino, the money you deposit will be available in your casino account immediately. There is no need to wait. When you make a withdrawal, it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days depending on the online casino. There are a few reasons for the wait. First of all, most online casinos put an automatic 24 hour hold on withdrawal requests. You can get this taken off by contacting their customer service department. The second reason is that a higher level of verification is involved in processing withdrawals. If someone were to make a fraudulent deposit using a debit card, the casino wouldn't have any exposure to loss by giving instant deposit credit. This becomes an issue, however, when withdrawals are requested. They need time to make sure that the original deposit was on the level.

What if my Debit Card Transaction is Declined?

This happens from time to time and it is not really anyone's fault. Some banks that issue these cards don't like to let the proccessing go through if the charge is online gambling related. They claim it is a money laundering issue, but I'm sure there are more reasons than that. If you do get declined using your debit card, we suggest that you look to a third party payment processor like Instadebit or PaySafeCard. They charge a small fee to route money between your bank account and online retailers and debit card casinos. They are actually quite handy if you happen to like moving money around a lot to take advantage of bonuses at different sites because they allow you to move money between sites without sending it all the way back to your bank account first.

Types of Debit Cards Accepted at Debit Card Casinos

Debit Card Types Accepted at Casinos

For the most part, you are really only looking at three different types of debit cards that get accepted at online casinos. They are Visa Debit, Visa Virtual Debit, and Maestro Prepaid. This might seem a bit limiting, but the reason that these ones are accepted is because they are part of the same processing network as their credit card counterparts. Since pretty much all online casinos accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, these debit cards go through just fine. They also have the added advantage of being available for deposits and withdrawals at web based casinos. Anyone that's deposited with credit card and then had to get a cheque in the mail for a withdrawal knows how valuable this feature is.

Where to get an Online Casino Accepted Debit Card

Since the debit cards accepted at online casinos are all processed through Visa and Mastercard, the best place to get a Visa Debit, Visa Virtual Debit, or Maestro Prepaid debit card is your local financial institution. Below is a list of the financial institutions where you can obtain these cards in Canada.

Visa Debit
All CIBC Branches
All TD Branches

Visa Virtual Debit
All RBC Branches

Maestro (Mastercard) Prepaid
These ones are a little different as they are not directly linked to your chequing account. You add cash to them and then spend them where you please. They work just like a gift card. Therefore, the list of locations where they are available is a little bit different.

7-11 Canada
Canadian Tire
EB Games
and many other retail locations...

Casino Banking Options that are Similar to Debit Cards

There is a small collection of online casinos that will let you use Interac e-Transfer to make deposits and withdrawals and that is pretty much the next closest thing to using a debit card. You send money directly from your chequing or savings account and when they send money back to you, you can choose to put it in any of your chosen bank accounts. The three casinos that we feature on this website that currently offer Interac e-Transfer are Bodog, Bovada, and